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About Me

Jabbar White was born July 10,1988 in Harlem New York where he started performing on stage at a young age. His mother Iris White would have him perform speeches at churches and play characters in plays in community centers. He went to school for Drama at Tito Puente Performing Arts J.H School and learned the basics of Theatre. Jabbar later took acting lessons at different acting schools around NYC. The Barrow Group, T.Schreiber  Studios, The Magnet Theater and a few others. In 2015 Jabbar premiered what he learned from the schools in his debut in a series of plays. ‘For The Love’, ‘Cherish Every Precious Moment, Gospel of the Harlem Renaissance directed by BAT/UBT, Blessed 2 Perform Production.   

Jabbar is currently focusing on furthering his acting career and working towards the next level. He is apart of a few short film projects that other directors plan to put in festivals or is currently in film festivals. ‘Shades’ by Dir. Andrew Kanatani, ‘Artery & Vein’ by Dir. Henry Jarvis, ‘Nothing in Particular’ by Dir. Julien Devlin, ‘The Deal’ by Dir. Joe Atamaniuk, ‘Cedric’ by Dir. Diego Llaca Ojinaga, ‘F.P.M.R.T’ by Dir. Yan Li  just to name a few. As he grows as an actor, he says that he will continue to work hard and will one day show that he will be apart of the next generation of actors in the entertainment industry.  

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